Welp…I haven’t posted anything on here since July 4th…been lots of busy stuff going on, more on that later. At the moment I am working my way through several movie series (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and several TV shows) and I was talking to a co-worker about the movies I’m going through and he showed me something that I hadn’t even noticed before:


The progression of the WB logo through the Harry Potter series. I do have to say…that is freakin awesome!

Currently playing Assassin’s Creed 3 right now. I thought this would be appropriate for today, Happy July 4th! 

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Retro Friday Mix #9: Yeah, this song…how can anyone forget this song.

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Music Mix Monday #9: Moulin Rouge, El Tango de Roxanne…pretty good movie, and a very dark tune too. This is probably my favorite song in this movie.

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Classic scene from Jurassic Park. Made me love dinosaurs even more when I was a kid.


Help us honor the real Heroes. 


Help us honor the real Heroes. 

Definitely true

Definitely true

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Retro Friday Mix #8: Who remembers this one? All over the radio in the 90s. I Need To Know by Marc Anthony.

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So I haven’t done an update for a while…or maybe not one at all, but here it goes:

I got a new, better job…FINALLY!

I will be moving to Iowa in late September or early October. I can’t even describe how I feel about that…excited, confused, scared. But it is about time for me to head out start my own adventure.

Had my first blow up with my best friend…it was bound to happen at some point and it most likely won’t be the last, but that’s how friendships become stronger.

Went to Denver Comic-Con for the 2nd year now and somehow, it felt so natural to me…yeah, I’m a nerd.

Learned what it meant when you take a tuxedo shirt into the dry cleaners and ask if I want them to use starch. (Hint: It doesn’t mean that it will make the shirt whiter…rather, it means how stiff the shirt will be.)


Toby really loves his American bandanna. He really hates wearing things, but he loves this. Every time you take it off he looks at you like, “Who said you can take that off?”

And finally, going to look at apartments in Iowa tomorrow! Again, I can’t wait for this. And I didn’t realize how important this is to my best friend and to me as a matter a fact.

Well, I think that is it for now…there are going to be many changes ahead!

So after talking to my friend we couldn’t remember how we first met…it took a while, but I finally remembered everything.

We first met on the tube ride (yes, this was in London) to see Wicked with the school that we were studying abroad with. She actually started the conversation first and said that her name was “Leah" not "Leia"…that point was made very, very clear. And then she went on about Wicked and how it was her favorite musical…but the thing was, she wasn’t being all girly gushy about it…now today, it doesn’t matter anymore. And the other thing is, I don’t like talking very much to new people…I prefer to people watch first then talk later. But I took the chance and decided to talk back.

Then there was the “boat dance/cruise thing” on the Thames. That night we talked again only for a little bit, but I went on to mingle with the rest of the people there. But from that point on, I made it a thing to get to know her better. So when I saw her at lunch, dinner or whatever, I decided to sit down and talk for a little bit here and there.

Later I learned of Sainsbury…which is kinda like a Wal-Mart or Target over there. Took her through the short cut to get there…which I wouldn’t recommend anyone taking…especially at night. And finally went to Gloucester Arms (a pub) and from that night on it kinda just kicked off after that and we’ve been friends ever since.

According to facebook, 5 September 2009 is when it all started.

It has been 3 1/2 years since then and here’s to many more years. 

So I’ve come to the realization that my twitter account now mainly consists of tweets about this guy right here. Today he wanted to be patriotic. I love my Toby.

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Music Mix Monday #8: This is a pretty good song. Forgot I had this one. Jessica Andrews, Who I Am

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